Oncology Intellectual Property

Novel and proprietary IndUS molecules act through a first-in-class biological mechanism of action targeting the DNA and have multiple issued composition of matter and method of use patents in the United States.  Furthermore, novel IndUS anticancer drugs also provide a new method to treat tumors with various genetic deficiencies in a synthetic lethal manner and have the opportunity to treat tumors that are genetically- or chemo-resistant to available cancer therapies.

The intellectual property estate for the IndUS anticancer agents is being further expanded through additional patent filings that leverage the synthetic lethality with various genetic deficiencies and/or mutations as well as in combination with existing chemotherapeutic agents.

We own the common law trademark rights in our corporate name and logo as well as the trademark for “INDUS PHARMACEUTICALS”.  With the exception of the trademark for IndUS, we have not registered any of our trademark rights for protection.  We have also secured exclusive worldwide licensing rights and title in and to the following patents through our acquisition of IndUS Pharmaceuticals:

  • United States Patent No. 6362331 for the process for the preparation of antitumor agents.
  • United States Patent No. 6683073 for pyrimidine linked pyrrolo[2,1‑C][1,4] benzodiazepines as potential antitumor agents.
  • United States Patent No. 6800622 for pyrene-linked pyrrolo[2,1‑C][1,4] benzodiazepine hybrids useful as anti‑cancer agents.
  • United States Patent No. 6884799 for non‑crossed linking pyrrolo [2,1‑C][1,4] benzodiazepine and process thereof.
  • United States Patent No. 7015215 for pyrrolo[2,1‑C][1,4] benzodiazepines compounds and process thereof.
  • United States Patent No. 9,744,175, titled “Compositions of combinations of non-covalent DNA binding agents and anti-cancer and/or anti-inflammatory agents and their use in disease treatments”